Physiomanna Product Line

“The Tradition Renewed”

Physiomanna is the only dietary Supplements line based on Pure Fraxinus Manna developed for gastrointestinal wellbeing.

All our products contain Pure Fraxinus Manna and are new, unique and have valuable beneficial properties. Also, they are rich in minerals and absolutely suitable for those who want to take care safely and effectively of their body, in a natural way.

Because the intestine is the mirrow of wellbeing…

Physiomanna Fibra

Physiomanna Fibra promotes weight control and bowel regularity.

Physiomanna Lax Depur

Physiomanna LaxDepur is an innovative dietary supplement made with Pure Fraxinus Manna, which promotes intestinal transit with a painless, quick and delicate action.

Physiomanna Baby

Perfect to take care of babies and children gastrointestinal health, and to promote bowel transit.